VIA: @Max_Fisher: Why the NFL should be ashamed of penalizing Muslim player Husain Abdullah for praying on-field


In the NFL, when a Christian player sinks to the ground after a touchdown and praises god, that’s prayer, and is not penalized under the League’s rule against “going to the ground” in celebration after a play. But, apparently, Muslim players should think twice before trying to take advantage of the same rule.

Last night, Husain Abdullah, who plays safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, scored a touchdown. It was, presumably, a big moment for him. After he scored, Abdullah, a practicing Muslim, briefly sank to his knees and tapped his forehead to the ground in an instantly recognizable gesture of Muslim prayer.


But to the referee, it was “unsportsmanlike conduct.” He gave Abdullah a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration.

As SB Nation points out, the NFL does have a rule against “going to the ground” in celebration of a touchdown. But when Christian players take a knee and have a moment of religious thanks after they score, their celebration is not deemed to be “excessive.” Indeed, the famously devout former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow did that so often that his one-kneed prayer gesture became known as “Tebowing,” a word that he successfully trademarked in 2012.

This is manifestly unfair. Abdullah, like Tebow, is known for his devotion to his faith. Abdullah missed the entire 2012 NFL season so that he could undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca, and he fasts during Ramadan, which means he cannot eat food or drink water during daylight hours for a month, despite his grueling NFL training schedule. And yet Tebow’s prayer during games earned him respect, but Abdullah’s earned him punishment.

The NFL has admitted that the referee was wrong to penalize Abdullah. NFL spokesman Michael Signora wrote in an email to USA Today that, although there is a rule against players engaging in celebration while on the ground, “the officiating mechanic in this situation is not to flag a player who goes to the ground as part of religious expression, and as a result, there should have been no penalty on the play.”

And yet there was. Abdullah’s team was given a penalty.

We have no reason to believe that the referee acted out of prejudice or bigotry. It is more likely that he simply did not recognize Abdullah’s gesture as a prayer. But even if his decision was the result of ignorance, rather than discriminatory intent, it still matters.

If prayer is an exception to the rule against “going to the ground,” then then the NFL’s referees need to recognize what prayer looks like in religions other than Christianity. If they can’t, then the rule becomes an advantage for Christian players, and a burden on those who practice other religions.

As it happens, the penalty in this case did not have serious repercussions. Kansas City still won the game, 41-14, and the NFL has said that Abdullah will not be fined for his conduct. But the NFL still has work to do. Being a practicing Muslim shouldn’t come with a 15-yard penalty.


Don’t have much to add to this, just a solid read and wanted to share with everyone. Glad this was written, because I absolutely freaked out about this last night and wanted to write something up but didn’t have the time yet.

That was like the most racist shit I’ve seen in mad long. They literally penalized a dude for praying, when EVERY FUCKING CHRISTIAN PRAYS AFTER A TD. Fucking Tee-bow got famous for this shit. He literally got penalized for being muslim.

Freedom of religion. Or separation of church and state. We can either all pray, or none of us. You can’t decide. That’s why America got started in the first place.

Absolutely INSANE. The NFL needs to get their shit together ASAP. The people are on it.

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Great Tweet By Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly’s Wife on Derek Jeter

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.47.10 PM

I feel like she kinda won Twitter, or at least Derek Jeter related Twitter with this tweet.

Funny, but also a subtle stunt to all the other thots out there jersey chasing trying to land a baller man.

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Netflix, Weinstein Co. Bust Windows With ‘Crouching Tiger’ Sequel

crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon-sequel (1)

Netflix has reached a deal with The Weinstein Co. for its first original movie — a sequel to Ang Lee’s 2000 martial arts pic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” — set to hit IMAX theaters and the streaming-video service simultaneously next summer.

The film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend,” is slated for a Aug. 28, 2015, debut. Produced by Weinstein Co., the movie is the first of several major films to premiere day-and-date both on the SVOD service (at no extra charge) and in select IMAX theaters worldwide. Financial terms of the pact were not disclosed.

Netflix has been eyeing day-and-date releases of movies, as chief content officer Ted Sarandos said in a keynote last year at the Film Independent Forum in Los Angeles. The launch of the movie is likely to catch the ire of exhibitors — who have in the past viewed digital encroachment on theatrical windows as a threat.

Meanwhile, Netflix already has an output deal with Weinstein Co. that makes the Internet-streaming provider the exclusive U.S. subscription television service for first-run films from TWC, beginning in 2016, and has other deals with the studio including for original series “Marco Polo.”

“Fans will have unprecedented choice in how they enjoy an amazing and memorable film that combines intense action and incredible beauty,” Sarandos said in a statement. “We are honored to be working with Harvey Weinstein and a world-class team of creators to bring this epic story to people all over the world and to partner with IMAX, a brand that represents the highest quality of immersive entertainment, in the distribution of this film.”

Added Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of TWC, “The moviegoing experience is evolving quickly and profoundly, and Netflix is unquestionably at the forefront of that movement. We are tremendously excited to be continuing our great relationship with Netflix and bringing to fans all over the world the latest chapter in this amazing and intriguing story.”

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend” will star Michelle Yeoh (pictured, above) reprising her role from the first movie as Yu Shu-Lien, along with Donnie Yen (first two “Ip Man” movies, “Monkey King 3D”) as Silent Wolf. The original 2000 film generated $213 million worldwide at the box office, including $128 million in the U.S.; among its awards haul were four Oscars, including best foreign language film.

Theater owners have fought attempts by studios to move homevideo and VOD releases closer to or concurrent with theatrical bow, fearing that the move will hurt ticket sales. In 2011, Universal scrapped plans to offer “Tower Heist” on cable VOD — for $60 a pop, three weeks after hitting theaters — after several exhibitors responded by saying they would refuse to show the caper pic.



This is low-key the biggest news in entertainment this week and maybe for a while. Netflix is releasing an exclusive, major motion picture. They are going after the theatre industry now.

This isn’t like some low-budget, bullshit movie. This filmed grossed over 200 million and won academy awards. I cut the article down because it was long as shit, but EVERYONE is back for this. Directors, actors, choreographers, producers…everyone that is famous from the original is back.

We are talking about Harvey Weinstein here. An absolute juggernaut in the film industry (you remember “Harvey Weingard” in Entourage, right?). This is major, major move and business deal for them. This means a lot more to come and they have a real player in Hollywood.

I’m not going to come out and say this is the end of theaters like it was movie rental stores. But it is certainly going to take a huge hit. What we proved as a society is that we are lazy as fuck, and if something can come straight to us at home (email, online shopping, Seamless, Venmo, etc.) we will absolutely do it. Beyond that fact that most people feel movies in theaters are too expensive, everyone has their own home entertainment center now. TVs are cheap as shit. You can get a 6o inch 1080p for like $400 bucks now. Shit, you can fuck around and finance that bitch at Best Buy and walk out paying $0 and no interest for 18 months. Here’s the biggest kicker, it’s cheaper to distribute a film through Netflix than is is through theaters.

So let’s recap. You have a consumer base that wants this and a proof of concept. You have an industry that can greatly benefit from this and has been suffering lack of sales for years now. You have a legit legend like Harvey which is obviously going to get the attention of other studios. I hate to say it here, because I love going out to the movies, but you could be looking at the begging of the end.

Our kids could grow up with the idea of movie theaters being a very limited and special occasion. And where maybe only major cities have a handful. I mean seriously, would you go to the movies if you could have it streamed at home? Really think about that for a second.  This might sound crazy and an exgerration, but just ask Blockbuster how they feel.

Watch this closely, this is a game changer.

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PS – This is going to change Super Mookin Sunday Funday FOREVER.

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Uncut Dope Season 2 Ep. 1 – Ab-Soul & Bas

Dope Ent. checks in with our fiends on the road to talk about the These Days Tour. Things are going well as you can imagine with these two. This is just a great match up of talent.

Bas and Ab-Soul have been hitting every city, almsot every day. Don’t miss your chance to see them in a city near you.

TDE X Dreamville

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PS – Bonus Tour Clip from Minneapolis:

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Maroon 5 Feat. J. Cole – Animals (Remix)


Dreamville X Maroon 5

Nothing like some new Cole to start the week off. Makes a shitty Monday a lot better. Check out the dope collab.

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Bringing #FIENDS together since 2010.

Find one this weekend.

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Friday Fiend of the Week: 3 Titty Chick



A Florida woman has spent $20,000 to look like the three-breasted woman from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990 movie Total Recall.

Tampa, Florida resident Jasmine Tridevil told Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando that she saved $20,000 from her former job as a massage therapist to have the surgery done, in part because she wanted to become unattractive to men.

“I thought if I got a third breast implant most guys would think that’s weird and gross,” she says in her YouTube Q&A video. “But I can still feel pretty. Because if I wear makeup and cute clothes I can still feel pretty.”

The doctor who performed the surgery made her sign a non-disclosure agreement because he’s afraid he’ll lose his license.

Jasmine’s dad won’t be seen in a video with her, and her mom and sister have cut off all communication. But she’s not bothered because she knows she’s crazy.

“Well I am crazy,” she told Real Radio 104.1. “Crazy people don’t know they are crazy, so technically since I know I’m crazy I’m not crazy.”

The 21-year old’s ultimate goal is to have a reality television show. She’s hired a film crew to document her life experiences.

**UPDATE** September 24

The woman who claimed she had surgery to add a third breast is a fraud. 10 News did some digging and discovered a police report detailing a robbery of Tridevil’s luggage earlier this month from Tampa International Airport.

Police later tracked down the thieves. The incident report listed the items found in the luggage. One of them was a three breast prosthesis

The New York Daily News reports that Tridevil, real name Alisha Hessler, was arrested in 2012 for using a fake I.D. at a bar. She told police she bought it off of Craigslist for $20.

Despite what would appear to be overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Hessler insists the third breast is real and plans on proving it.

“I plan to release it on my reality TV show and I don’t really care what people think or say about me,” she told the Sun. “I know what I have done. As I say, this is not a fake or a hoax.”


That was like some M. Night Shyamalan type of shit. Didn’t really see that twist coming. For some reason I really wanted this to be true. Lying motherfucker.

To keep it real, I don’t really give a fuck about this 3 titty chick or whether she’s telling the truth or not. I’m really posting this because I want to clear up one thing for all you ladies out there:

Tampa, Florida resident Jasmine Tridevil told Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando that she saved $20,000 from her former job as a massage therapist to have the surgery done, in part because she wanted to become unattractive to men.

“I thought if I got a third breast implant most guys would think that’s weird and gross,” 

Let me be clear, this would have the exact opposite effect on dudes. The more different, strange, weird, fucked up you are, the more we are going to want to fuck you. In this case, about 3 times as much.

I don’t know where that mentality comes from, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Trying new shit, is like our favorite shit to do. If we could we’d have a 3some with a midget and a girl that is black, white, asian, spanish, green, blue whatever the fuck. This is what dudes do. It’s in our DNA.

Back to this chick though, If that shit is fake, it fooled me. She also made a video too. Kinda long and boring but that shit looks real as hell.

But regardless, getting a 3rd titty pretty much is a lock for Fiend of the Week. Liar or not, she got the attention of the internet and if they do make this reality TV show, I’m 100% watching.

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PS – Only crazy people talk like this: “Well I am crazy,” she told Real Radio 104.1. “Crazy people don’t know they are crazy, so technically since I know I’m crazy I’m not crazy.”

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Something pretty to look at while you mook your face off.


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High Maintenance – Heidi

High Maintenance // Heidi from Janky Clown Productions on Vimeo.

Episode Two of High Maintenance.

I discovered this webseries last week when I was reading bout that Homeless Millenial Homie.

A redditor mentioned this episode saying that the video reminded him of Heidi.

Poor dude man.

You know this has happened to a few fiends out there.


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The Center For DIsease Control Estimates Ebola Cases Could Hit 1.4 Million By January


LONDON (Associated Press) — New estimates by the World Health Organization and the U.S. health agency are warning that the number of Ebola cases could soar dramatically — the U.S. says up to 1.4 million by mid-January in two nations alone — unless efforts to curb the outbreak are significantly ramped up.

Since the first cases were reported six months ago, the tally of cases in West Africa has reached an estimated 5,800 illnesses and over 2,800 deaths. But the U.N. health agency has warned that tallies of recorded cases and deaths are likely to be gross underestimates of the toll that the killer virus is wreaking on West Africa.

The U.N. health agency said Tuesday that the true death toll for Liberia, the hardest-hit nation in the outbreak, may never be known, since many bodies of Ebola victims in a crowded slum in the capital, Monrovia, have simply been thrown into nearby rivers.

Scientists said the response to Ebola in the next few months would be crucial.

“The window for controlling this outbreak is closing,” said Adam Kucharski, a research fellow in infectious disease epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.



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PS – 2014 and we are still throwing bodies into rivers when people die of illness.

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