Mook In New Mexico – Bas (@FiendBassy)| Official Video

Last February we decided to get on a plane and fly to New Mexico and get mooked in the desert.

We brought a camera out there with us and ended up with this visual.

Fat shouts to everyone in New Mexico that helped us create this.

Big ups to the homies Nic and Gunna for the vision/execution behind this movie.


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Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.40.32 PM

Mystery girl takes us into the weekend.

Everyone fiend out and be safe this weekend. And go to the #TheseDaysTour if you are in Oregon or Sacramento.

Also, little treat for monday to look forward to:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.43.01 PM



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Friday Fiend of The Week: Bad Teacher(s)


Two teachers from Destrehan High School in Louisiana were arrested yesterday for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old male student. Shelley Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, were charged with “carnal knowledge of a juvenile and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile,” according to WDSU, which is a fancy way of saying, “Threesome, they had a threesome.”

Investigators confirmed Wednesday afternoon that all three reportedly were together at the residence until early morning hours of Sept 13. The house belonged to Respess and is the only incident authorities are looking into at this time.

School administrators became aware of the incident when the male student bragged to his buddies about what happened, which, c’mon. You never kiss and tell. You also never sleep with someone who’s underage, but that should be obvious. Also, it’s been reported that videos and photos from the alleged threesome may exist. Oops!



Wow. Just wow.

I feel like we have been only showcasing fiends that did stupid shit lately on Fiend of the Week, so I wanted to highlight some great fiend work out there.

Do you know how hard it is to bang your high school teacher? It’s literally every dude’s dream. Do you know how hard it is to have a 3some (if you aren’t a famous rapper)? That’s also literally every dude’s dream.

This lucky bastard did both at once. AND THEY ARE GOOD LOOKING TOO. One on the left is official. This is literally some of the dopest shit I have ever read in my life. How the fuck did this dumb ass 16 year old fucker pull this shit off? We absolutely have to interview this dude. Unless he’s got like a 12 foot dong or some shit, then I need to know exactly how he made this happen. Absolutely incredible. He lived every dude’s fantasy at 16.

I’m not saying I condone statutory rape, but if I’m the governor of Louisiana, I’m gonna pardon both those chicks. Just on the strength that they were a part of something way bigger than you and I can truly comprehend. You shouldn’t go to jail for making dreams come true and giving hope to every dude in the world. Then you would have to lock up everyone at Make A Wish Foundation.

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PS - Whoever wrote the original article, literally almost ruined it.

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Everything on This Table is a Tool to Get High

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.33.29 PM

Shouts to allt he #FIENDS in Vancouver that blessed Bas and @oakshades with all these amazing mook products at the #THESEDAYSTOUR.

You my f(r)iends, are the real champions. We love you forever.

Be back soon, Canada.

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Husband In Shock After Wife Gives Birth To Child Of Dwarf Stripper She Slept With At Bachelorette Party


A married woman in Valencia, Spain had a lot of explaining to do after she gave birth to another man’s child.

The New York Daily News reports that on the night of the woman’s bachelorette (hen) party she had sex with a dwarf stripper hired for entertainment.

Dwarfs are frequently hired in Spain as entertainment at hen parties

Nine months later the unidentified woman gave birth to a baby with dwarfism. Her shocked husband thought their child was conceived during their honeymoon. He was sure there was a mix up at the hospital and demanded answers from doctors, who assured him the baby was his wife’s.

The woman eventually told her husband what had really happened.

“I know colleagues working out of Valencia but I’m not aware of any of them getting involved in something like this,” a dwarf stripper told the Daily Mail. “They’re mostly men in their forties and fifties and who’s going to want to sleep with a man that age. There must be about ten of us doing this line of work in Spain. More often than not it’s a joke thing and the women are very shy and don’t even want you to touch them. You often go along with a normal stripper who blindfolds the woman and then you take his place and pretend it’s him that’s still dancing. You take the blindfold off, congratulate her and go. At most you sometimes get asked to stay behind and have your picture taken with the bride-to-be. I’m astonished at the idea someone’s fallen pregnant like this and the woman has managed to keep it a secret even from her closest friends.”

It’s not known if the couple remained married.


Am I crazy or is this the exact beginning to Me, Myself & Irene?

Look. People cheat. There’s a million different reasons and they are all probably wrong. Lord knows, I’m no saint (that was my past life ladies, I’m a changed man now). But even the biggest, worst serial cheaters in the world know there is just some shit you can’t do.

Fucking a midget raw-dog at your bachelorette party 100% falls under shit you can’t do. Say what you want about Wave Bandana but he would never do that.

Fucking any kind of stripper or hooker when you cheat, can never be raw-dog. You can’t get an STD and pass that shit on to your husband/wife. That’s literally some of the foulest shit you can do. Can you even imagine getting an STD from your partner? That has to be a direct flight to hell.

Damn man. I feel bad for this dude. I really can’t imagine my wife birthing a child that isn’t mine. Biggest kick in the dick in the world. After the whole hospital makes fun of you, then you have to face your friends, family, coworkers, everyone in your life that was expecting you to come home with a baby. That has to be some of the worst shit ever.

So moral of the story is don’t cheat. But if you do, don’t fuck strippers without a condom on your honeymoon and shit.

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PS -


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Malaysian Drug Ring Laces Tea, Energy Drinks with Ecstasy


Drug syndicates in Malaysia have found a way to offer those who consume energy drinks a new high, by lacing them with crushed Ecstasy pills.

Police are believed to have crippled a “large-scale” Ecstasy-processing den by seizing more than 35,000 Ecstasy pills, worth RM3.5 million (S$1.37m).

“We found that they were crushing the pills and mixing them into packets of tea powder and other energy drinks,” said investigating offi­cer Inspector Muhammad Shah Rezza Abdul Rahim.

“We found 12kg packets of Chinese aromatic tea which had been mixed with several kinds of Ecstasy pills and then repackaged. “Syndicates were also mixing Red Bull with crushed-up pills and selling them in small dropper bottles. We have never seen anything like this before,” he remarked.

The new find was of great concern as it allowed syndicates to distribute drugs in an inconspicuous manner, said Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department director Commissioner Noor Rashid Ibrahim.


And you thought you were cool trappin dubs in some cool container with a name like “Green Crack” or “Helen Keller”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.08.40 PM


Only a fiend could come up with some shit like this. What an awesome idea. Makes perfect sense, both substances kind of go hand and hand. It’s like when you hide joints in a cigarette box. It’s literally a genius way to transport and consume it.

Imagine getting one of these by accident though? Holy shit what a day that would be. You just wanted to get a little extra jumpstart to your day and drink a Red Bull before work or school, next thing you know you are TRIPPING BALLS on molly.

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PS - That Helen Keller was the most official mook strain in 2010. You couldn’t hear or see shit.

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HBO To Offer HBO GO Without Cable Subscription in 2015


HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler just confirmed what had been in the wind for some time: In 2015 a stand-alone over-the-top HBO Go service will launch in the the U.S. There are 80 million homes that do not have HBO, and “we will use all measures to go after them,” Plepler said during his network’s portion of the Time Warner Investor Day underway in NY. He said such a move could produce hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue.

Last month, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes signaled the idea was brewing to offer HBO Go without a TV Anywhere authentication, noting the increasing opportunity of broadband was making a direct-to-consumer HBO Go “more viable and more interesting.” An Internet-only HBO Go offering has worked well after some hiccups in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, he said

Bewkes said at the time there was no technological or contractual obstacle to changing the delivery scheme. “We have the rights. We can do it if we want to now,” he said.


Should have been done 5 years ago.

I guess better late than never. But just like the record industry should have made iTunes instead of fighting so many legal battles, HBO should have done this shit the second Netflix and the internet proved streaming services were the future.

I guess in their eyes, since their taget demographic has always been skewed older, this is still a relevant time. I live in NYC which always has top notch technology and internet speeds. A lot of the US and world is still behind. But now more than ever with fast interent speeds, TVs with services pre-programed, Apple TV, and game consoles all supporting these services, the market is wide open.

Question is, will you get this shit or just continue to keep bootlegging?

I think I’ll probably get it. What I’m starting to realize, and this is coming from the biggest music and video bootlegger of all time, is that shit is just more convenient nowadays. Like sometimes I would rather just pay $9 and have an album go right to my phone immediately rather than having to wait to get home, download it, put it in iTunes. I’m assuming it’s gonna be the same thing here. Just easier to have full access than bootlegging.

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Bas (@fiendbassy) – “Charles De Gaulle To JFK” Featured On NBA LIVE 15 Soundtrack



Bas – Charles De Gaulle To JFK

Bas is a crazy-talented rapper from Queens, NY signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records. “Charles De Gaulle To JFK” comes off his debut studio album Last Winter and displays Bas’ signature smooth flow with a somewhat sophisticated feel. Something you’ll really be feeling when you fire up NBA LIVE 15 on a chill Saturday morning.

Let’s go #FIENDS! Got our first video game soundtrack.

As a bunch of mook heads that have been mookin and playing sports video games for over 20 years, this shit is a fiend dream come true.

Charles De Gaulle is perfect for this too. I can already see myself nodding to it while I’m making Wave Bandana 99′s in every attribution category.

Shouts to EA Sports and MICK. They put together a really dope soundtrack. You can check and stream the rest of it here.

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Real Life “Taken”


Okay. Straight up, I just want to apologize to everyone from the directors and producers of Taken, to Liam Neeson himself about all the shit I talked about how unrealistic all the Taken movies are. I was wrong. THIS SHIT REAL LIFE.

This is some real badass Indian shit. The homie actually saved his kids from traffickers. Disguised himself as a beggar, infiltrated the organization, saved his kids and brought everyone to justice. A flawless execution of the Taken plot-line.

Was kind of hoping the story would be more of him going in and kicking the shit out of every  bad guy, instead it kinda sounds like he got washed doesn’t it? Whatever. The end of the day he got shit done so I’m gonna let that little detail slide.

I pray to God I never ever have to do some shit like this. I would get clapped quick.

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PS – Don’t get it twisted, I’m the most Day 1 Taken fan out there.

PPS – The scene in Taken 2 when the chick throws the grenades so Liam knows where to go based on the sound is legit still the most ridiculous and selfish shit I have ever seen in my life. Some little homie was probably out playing soccer and shit and got his fucking leg blown off.

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They Need To Decide If Columbus Day Is A Fucking Holiday Or Not


Is this a fucking holiday or not?

There is nothing worse than a day when some of your friends don’t have to work, and you do. That’s the cruelest shit ever in the 9-5 world. You got those friends that are going out Sunday night and shit, or staying up late and sleeping in while you sit at work tired as shit.

I came into the office for a regular ass day. I was pretty sour at first, but I haven’t had this day off in years now. So I was trying to stay positive. I had to get a check from my bank today for a pretty important reason. So during lunch I walked over to Bank of America. THAT SHIT WAS CLOSED. I can’t even access my own money, but I have to go to work. Then I’m just pissed off trying to walk BACK TO WORK, and there is a fucking parade coming down NYC now, and I can’t even cross the street.

Seriously, this is bullshit. You can’t have half holidays that apply to some and not others. How the hell did we let this shit happen? So half the people get off, the other half have to work and see people having a blast on Facebook and Twitter? I don’t get how we are all okay with this shit. It’s absolutely bullshit and we should’t take it anymore.

Should Columbus day be a holiday? Fuck no. He was a terrible person that literally destroyed an entire race. If you even knew the shit they did to the Native Americans. They used to trade blankets infested with Small Pox to them on purpose. Is that not some of the most messed up shit you have ever heard? They raped, murdered, tortured. Like there is no way with what we know now we should celebrate this shit.

BUT, we should 100% have a day off. Call it Fall Day break or some shit, I don’t know. Make it up, that’s not my job. But we should all get to enjoy this day together, or none of us should. This half shit has got to stop.

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